Board of Trustees

Next Board of Trustees Meeting will be held 6.30 pm

Position Name Contact

Presiding Member Stefan Mavor

Parent Rep Nikki Mackay

Parent Rep Vicki Henderson

Parent Rep Nick Webster

Parent Rep Mark Yeates

Staff Rep Kathryn Sim

Principal Deidre Senior

The Weston School Board of Trustees comprises:

Five elected parent representatives Stefan Mavor (Presiding Member), Nikki Mackay, Vicki Henderson, Nick Webster, Rick Suter along with Deidre Senior Principal and Kathryn Sim (Staff Trustee, elected by the staff).

Board members are elected for a 3 year term. The Board typically meets every 6 weeks (working around school holidays breaks) which equates to approximately 10 meetings a year. The meetings are held in public and the meeting dates are published on the school website. On occasion there may be an in-committee section on the Agenda where the public will be excluded.

The Board is responsible for the school’s performance, and for ensuring that all legal requirements are met. The Board’s primary focus is to ensure ongoing improvement in student achievement outcomes for all students.

The Board’s emphasis is strategic rather than administrative. All trustees come to the Board table entrusted to ensure effective governance, despite the different perspectives they bring to board discussions. Trustees are neither advocates nor delegates, but work for positive outcomes for all learners. Trustees are not the immediate point of contact for parent concerns. These should be dealt in accordance with the complaints policy available on the school website.

The work of the Board;

  • In consultation with the school community, sets the strategic direction of the school through the charter (the Board’s key policy document which sets out the vision, aims, objectives, directions and targets for the school);

  • Seeks assurance from the Leadership Team that the programmes being implemented in the school can achieve the charter goals and targets;

  • Monitors progress against charter goals and targets;

  • Provides the community with regular updates on how the school is performing in relation to the charter goals and targets;

  • Ensures National Education Goals and government priorities are being addressed;

  • Monitors and evaluates student progress and achievement;

  • Oversees the management of staff, property and finances, ensuring resources are used prudently to ensure the highest possible quality programmes are provided for students;

  • Deals with matters referred by the Principal.

  • The Principal is responsible for the implementation of the policies and decisions of the Board, and reports to the Board at each meeting. The Board has delegated the day-to-day operational organisation and management of the school to the Principal.